WHATS IN THE BOX? Special Edition – with Special Guest Larry Mollin

A Special Edition of Whats in the Box? where I interview people who have had an impact on pop culture and who I grew up watching. A separate series from Whats in the Box? although it shares the same name. For this episode, I’m joined by Larry Mollin !! Writer of such classic shows as […]

Ep 44: Larry Mollin Interview The Weekly Shift with Chris Wiggins

Former Beverly Hills 90210 writer & producer and WWE writer Larry Mollin joined the show for a sitdown interview (15:20). He and Chris talk about working for Aaron Spelling, writing Brenda/Dylan/Valerie, transitioning from tv drama to working for Vince and Stephanie McMahon. They also have a great bonding over Georgetown while exploring Larry’s early years […]

#sparkchamber 092120 — Larry Mollin

As summer ends and a new season begins, #sparkchamber is thrilled to welcome storyteller Larry Mollin. “A child of sex drugs and rock and roll generation and grew from it,” Larry was raised in the suburbs of NY, and went to Georgetown School of Foreign Service. However, he quickly saw that, “being groomed for government […]

An Interview with Larry Mollin, Writer & Producer of Beverly Hills, 90210

A few months ago, I had a hot Skype date with none other than Beverly Hills, 90210 Executive Producer, Larry Mollin. Larry is a hoot! Not only did he dish about his experiences on one of my favorite shows, but brought a big ol’ smile to my face. Larry Mollin started his TV writing career […]

Exclusive: Beverly Hills 90210 Producer Talks College Years, Slams New 90210

When I first contacted Beverly Hills 90210 writer-producer Larry Mollin, he immediately told me had nothing to do with the new 90210, saying in part, “it is diluting the legacy” of the original and pointing out “they are making decisions with characters that they hardly understand.” As loyal TDW readers might expect, that was music […]

RealitySteve Podcast #175

Interview with Larry Mollin, Executive Producer/Writer of “Beverly Hills 90210” | RealitySteve It’s all 90210 all the time. Oh sure, I will start today’s podcast with some thoughts on Bachelor Nation stories right now – namely Colton, Hannah B. & Tyler, and Peter and Kelley being seen together in Chicago yesterday. But while in the […]

Westend Wilma Review

REVIEW: The Screenwriters Daughter (Leicester Square Theatre) November 3, 2015  //  By: West End Wilma  //  Plays, Reviews  //  Comments are off The Screenwriter’s Daughter is a compelling tale of a strained relationship between a father and daughter, separated by the upheaval of the Sixties but bound together by a preoccupation with legacy and, as much as […]