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GILLY MONTROSE, a high school senior from a working-class home in West Los Angeles, California, helps his father Duke, a philandering, ambitionless, single parent who cleans pools in the ritziest parts of Beverly Hills. One afternoon when Gilly is cleaning a pool, he befriends Aeura Kim, a goth, teen girl who is staying at the estate. That evening after he and Aeura sneakaway, her stepmother’s corpse is found in the Jacuzzi, setting adeadly series of events in motion.

Soon they become murder suspects on the run for their lives all over Los Angeles. As the plot thickens and their plight worsens, they are aided by three high school friends: Leticia, president of the debate club and Gilly’s main crush; VJ, Gilly’s homeboy with skills; and Fern, an RTOBH, rich teenager of Beverly Hills.

There’s danger at every turn and romance for Gilly in the unlikeliest of times and places.

Max Dean, free-lance songwriter and private eye with music business clients, has survived a bout with cancer and a second wife. With a gnawing desire to relax and recreate, he takes up an old client’s offer of a beach house in the North of France. When an irresistible Nazi general’s granddaughter hires him, and mysterious, buried booty in the sea caves of St. Malo calls, Max gets no rest. The pirate treasure hides a greater treasure whose allure has lured men and women throughout the centuries. To survive his vacation on the coast of Brittany, Max will need the talents of the love-of-his-life-who-left-him, a heroin addicted surfer, and a Parisian street Romeo. Murder, mayhem and making love ensues in a wild search for untold riches and much, much more.

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Career-challenged writer and semi-retired LA private detective, Max Dean, living his worst life, takes on an investigation of a thirteen-year old unsolved murder in upstate New York. At the request of a rich, elderly lady from his past, he lands in the Finger Lakes whose lakes, gorges, and falls hide secrets from when the land was a bloody Revolutionary War battleground. While following clues to the identity of the murderer, Max is catapulted into a search for the long-lost, Eye of Shiva, an ancient Hindu weapon of mass destruction. He’s helped along a perilous path by an anthropologist cousin who is not really a cousin, an aging hippie, ticket scalper, a loser thief with winner dreams, and a Native American jewelry-maker slash wise man. Max finds himself in a battle of wits with death cultists from India, masquerading as Ivy League academics; born to fulfill the catastrophic prophecy of the Third Cleansing.

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Blissfully retired, Max Dean, the former private detective, writer, and music biz security consultant, is thrust into a perilous search for his new wife’s reckless mother. Teresa holds the secret to the location of Shambala, an underground valley of eternal life. In the Altai Mountains on the border between Kazakhstan, Mongolia and southern Siberia, Max is not the only one after his unscrupulous, mother-in-law. A dying Siberian, mining titan with the money to move mountains and a rogue army, is more determined than ever to find Teresa and the fabled treasure of Genghis Khan.

On the journey to Shambala, Max is aided by an ancient Kazak, his wife’s philandering, first-husband, a local, lady pugilist and an ex-rock and roll roadie, smuggler king. Madness ensues as another Max Dean adventure tale blazes across continents and a millennium or two.

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Beverly Hills 90210 Show Episode 49 'Planet 90210'

With over 30M fans in 16 different countries, Larry, Charles, Pete and Melanie bring to you Planet 90210 – celebrating Beverly Hills, 90210 with superfans all over the world!

ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE LIVE Oct. 6th, 4 PM- 7 PM PST. The Beverly Hills, 90210 Festival of Fans. Fifty fans form Fifty states UNITED, sea to shining sea in their love of the zip code!

Full-Length Musical | “A true tale of love, folk music and betrayal.” –Broadway World | The world of legendary folksinger Paul Clayton comes to life onstage as a musical Wikipedia page. When Bob Dylan arrived in Greenwich Village in 1961, Paul Clayton was the most recorded young folk singer in America. A smitten Clayton took Dylan under his wing, only to be left alone and heartbroken when Dylan rose to fame and fortune. Their tumultuous friendship wrought with plagiarism, betrayal, and unrequited love is beautifully explored in this folk-infused, myth-shattering new musical chronicling the life of the folk music legend and the music that influenced him. (Cast: 2F, 4M)